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  • Solve Difficult Financial Issues

  • Unwind Family Money Trouble 

  • Resolve Marriage and Money Issues

  • Set Boundaries for Parents

  • Life and Career Solutions

  • Sales and Business Solutions for Artists and Professionals 

  • Create the Right Support Network

  • Entrepreneurial and Business Guidance


The work is solution-focused. Quickly zeroing in on the main problems, we get to work resolving them. Using proven techniques, clients tend to be able to correct super difficult money and life problems in an effective and straightforward way. Ron is very skilled at working with families, businesses, couples, and creative professionals. He is adept at teasing apart confusing and chronic financial situations. Ron is particularly skilled at resolving creditor, tax, and cash-flow problems. Sessions are done in office and/or by phone.



Ron Gallen has spent the past twenty years helping people solve their hard-to-break emotional patterns with money. His work with difficult family and financial dynamics has been the topic of his talks and in-service trainings including at NASW, EAPA, National Financial Professionals, Promises Malibu, The Meadows and many others. His work and his writings have appeared around the world, from The London Times to New York Magazine. Ron is the author of The Money Trap (Harper Collins).


What My Clients Are Saying

“Ron Gallen, where do I begin?  I’m a single mother and a business owner, but regardless of my professional success, I felt like I was always treading water, juggling and chewing gum at the same time.  I argued against seeing another professional – haven’t we all had countless CPAs, attorneys and counselors?

Ron Gallen is a different story. 


Ron worked with me, my past, and my present situation, and helped me use my greatest asset – myself! – to repair the cracks and grow what needed growing.  He set me straight and turned my head around at the same time. 


He has so much knowledge, experience, humility and humor – I’m not sure if he’s a CPA, an attorney, a psychologist or a magician.  Maybe a little bit of each.  Anyone can read a self-help book or hire a professional, but this is more like school for the soul so that it effortlessly moves in a new way.”

Amanda C.

“Working with Ron has been a game changer: He has revolutionized my relationship with money and business and really life in general. He is so much more than a therapist or a financial consultant. I like to refer to him as my financial guru. He has been a trusted advisor to me for over 15 years. I have consulted with Ron on everything from starting a business and marketing strategies to dealing with investments and sensitive money issues involving my family. He has wonderful advice and is able to not only discuss the financial side but he has an empathetic side that is able to get to the heart of the matter and look at my situation in a thoughtful  and comprehensive way. I have recommended Ron to several of my friends and family members. I can not imagine where I would be without Ron’s down to earth and perceptive approach.”

Kelli D.


Los Angeles, California

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